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Exercise #15: Balanced Soda Can

This is where your results will start getting very exciting. For the first time in your practice, your will be working with a “real” object, rather than a fabricated one (psiwheel, tinfoil, etc.). That is, at any given time further in your practice, you might have something randomly sitting around the house that you can actually move using real telekinesis.  

To get there, you have transitioned into objects with greater and greater friction (psiwheel -> stacked psiwheel -> tinfoil). However, before you can move a soda can on a completely flat surface, it helps to transition yourself there.

Consider the following (crudely drawn) setup:


Basically, the idea is to move the soda can on a surface with relatively little friction, and keep moving the surfaces closer and closer together to gradually increase the friction of your practice set up over time.

Length of Exercise: Until You Get Consistent, Confident Movement

Practice Time: 30 Minutes (Every day)

Materials Needed:

1. Finished tinfoil

2. Two even raised surfaces

3. Soda Can

4. Pencil or Pen

5. Journal


Repeat the process Saintbob described in exercise #14, except this time with the tinfoil and the soda can.  Practice for a period of time(like 7-8 minutes) on the tinfoil until you are comfortable with it and are moving it.  Then switch to practicing with the soda can.  Practice with it for a few minutes and then switch back to the tinfoil and practice with it until you are comfortable with it and are moving it. Again, switch back to practicing with the soda can.  Keep doing this and eventually you should start seeing consistent movement with the soda can.

When this becomes easy, gradually increase the friction of the practice object by moving the level surfaces closer together. Work on this until it becomes easy.

Like always, if you get a headache or feel dizzy, stop immediately and seek medical attention if necessary. Record your results and practice details daily in your journal.  Do not proceed until you can get consistent movement.


This step is tough for some people and takes a lot of time (often over a month). Stick with it because the results are very rewarding.

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