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Exercise #6: Practice Telekinesis: Alternative Link Forming Exercise

Length of Exercise: 7 Days

Practice Time: 20-30 Minutes

Materials Needed:

1.  Practice object that you made in exercise #2

2. Pen or pencil

3. Your journal


Repeat Exercise #3. However, instead of forming a link using the methods as mentioned in step 2, attempt to “become one” with the object.   See the object and yourself as one thing.  Imagine seeing from the perspective of the practice object.  Imagine feeling from the perspective of the practice object. Now imagine moving from the perspective of the practice object. You don’t actually need to visualize a link here between yourself and the practice object.  Record your results.  If you get a headache or feel sick, you are instructed to stop immediately and get medical attention if necessary.


If you haven’t seen any success yet with the methods, you should be starting to around now. If you haven’t seen any results yet, be patient. Observe your environment and your mental state to see if anything is inhibiting your results. Perhaps you have not mastered the prerequisites before taking this course. If you are still having trouble, visit Innerfire’s “Troubleshooting Psionics” course and try some of his exercises and then retry these.

With that said, you are probably starting to get tired of the same old exercises. You will be changing things up very shortly, so don’t worry. You should be starting to see some results too, so things are going to start to get interesting.

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