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This currently seems to be the most popular method amongst Psionic practitioners.

Mental Images

It is often useful to create an abstract image of some kind representing or symbolizing the result you seek.  You can embed certain symbols into the representative abstract image which help to relay your intent (what you want to happen) or you will.   Focus of some kind on the abstract image you have created is known to be useful.   After this focus, choosing to bring your attention elsewhere is also known to be effective.  Many practitioners agree that forgetting – literally –  what your focus was on, while choosing a different activity to work on, is effective.  We will leave the details of  how to do these things up to the student.


This is an example of a sigil.  This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

This is an example of a sigil. A sigil is a form of mental image that you can use to represent the action you would like to complete with psionics.

For Use with Manipulation of Environment

This method seems to be particularly effective in telekinetic and telepathic applications.  Create a symbol which represents what you want to do. If you are trying to do telekinesis, an effective focus here might be to create a symbol which represents “move (object here)”.  Create another symbol which means “link me with the object (or person)”.  Physical contact is effective here.  Photographic links might also be effective.  You might even wish to photograph yourself with the object. If you wish, you can charge the photograph with your intent.  You can also try creating many links, each representing a different scenario & link them together mentally.  This is a field of experimentation.


Exercise: Using Thought as a Form of Energy Working

Think of something you wish to occur.   Mentally visualize and will yourself full of “energy”.  Now, confidently state your intent that your wish is being fulfilled. Visualize and will the energy in yourself to form into a ball shape that represents the state of your wish being fulfilled.   Finally, release this ball into the void with the belief that your wish will definitely be fulfilled.  Like always, practice this for awhile (a week or more) and note your results in your journal.

A Construct

This is an example of a construct. Form the energey yourself into a ball shape (non-visible).



What you have created in this exercise is generally referred to as a “construct” in our community. There are many articles and courses which can teach you how to create energy balls of various types.

Some to get you started are as follows:
Construct Creation
Energetic Field Management

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