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Notebook and Pencil

First is the action part.  Get a piece of paper and a pencil. Sit down at a desk and write your desire down. Be sure it is in the present tense.  For example, “I will have a lot of money” is bad and “I have a lot of money” is good. Try to keep it short and simplistic, and don’t use the word “not” anywhere. Next, cross out all of the repeat instances of letters. In our example, “I have a lot of money” becomes “IHAVELOTFMNY”. Next, take these letters and incorporate them into a creative, yet simplistic symbol.  Take time to make it look awesome. This is an example of how to create a sigil.  A sigil is a way to create effective psychic techniques that represent your intention.


Second is the thought part.  Affirm and believe(using the methods in previous exercises) for the purpose of this exercise that the symbol you have created represents your desire. Next, do what you did in the previous exercise.   That is, mentally visualize and will yourself full of “energy”. Now, focus on your symbol. Visualize and will the energy in yourself to be applied to the symbol you just made.  You should use the techniques as learned in the visualization primer which you were supposed to do for this.    After you are done with this, go do something not psionics related.

Do this for a few weeks, and record everything you do in your journal.


What you have just done is create what is called a sigil.  Try to avoid using the words “want” or “will” in the following manners:
Don’t Do This: “I want to make some money.”

The effect of this exercise will be that you will want to make some money even more, not that you will actually make money.

Don’t Do This: “I will make some money.”
Do This Instead:  “I am making money”
Or This: “I have a lot of money”.
This is Ok: “It is my will to have money”.

This is bad because the result could manifest at any point in time, like a year from now for example. Try to use words that are present tense, like “I am making money”.

Dont Do This: “I will not be poor”.
Negatives such as “not” tend to be ignored.  So, it is possible that this really comes across as: “I want to be poor in the future”.

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