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Step 1: Identify Whether A Self-Affirmation Exercise is Necessary

One of the main reasons that a practitioner of psionics or psychic abilities would want to perform a self-affirmation exercise is if the practitioner wishes to practice something that is particularly hard or new, for which the individual hasn’t yet been successful.  Consider the following scenarios, which detail situations in which a self affirmation exercise might be warranted.

Lets consider an individual(lets call him Joe), who has not yet practiced micro-psychokinesis(the manipulation of chance events) with successful results. Joe is starting to feel less confident regarding the existence of micro-psychokinesis, and as a result, is doing worse than usual.  Joe would most likely benefit from a self-affirmation exercise.

Lets consider another individual(lets call her Diane) for the counterexample.  Diane has practiced micro-psychokinesis (Micro-PK), and has achieved success before, however, she had an off day.  Instead of doing a self-affirmation exercise, in most cases, Diane would benefit more from either A.  taking a break, and trying again the next day, or B. continuing with practice, while instead remembering her successful attempts.

Self Affirmations

Step 2:  Become Aware of Problem Thoughts and Form Positive Alternatives

Once you have decided that the self-affirmation exercise is indeed necessary, focus on what you feel to be “problem thoughts”, or thinking habits that potentially impede the success of a psychic / psionics – based practice.  After you have identified what you feel to be “problem thoughts”, form positive alternatives to the negative thoughts.    An example of a negative problem thought and its accompanying positive alternative might be “I will never succeed at successfully sending a thought or picture to another person”.  An example of a positive alternative thought might be “I will succeed at successfully sending a thought or picture to another person”.

Step 3: Ingrain the Positive Thought in Place of the Negative Thought

The process of “ingraining” the positive thought instead of the negative thought can be done in many ways.  You may use mindless meditation as a way of ingraining the thought in question, or you can simply focus on the positive thought as a replacement for the negative thought for a period of time.  The length of time depends on how negative the original thought is.  A reasonable amount of time for a beginner to spend on a self-affirmation exercise is 5 minutes.  Be sure to stop if at any time you start to feel uncomfortable.

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