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You have read the articles, been to the seminars and classes, introduced yourself to the community, now what? This article will probably never reach those whom it would benefit most, though including it is fundamental, because practice is something that most Psionic Practitioners need most. Gone are the days that an article is read, the methods are practiced, and success is had. Today, most psions think going to classes and practicing once a week should lead them to success in this field, and that is simply not the case. The importance of maintaining a solid practice schedule is probably one of the most crucial aspects in your success, and as such, needs to be looked at in a critical manor.


About Schedules

What is a schedule, in relation to Psionics? How may I maintain one? These are just a few of the questions you may be asking yourself when it comes to Psionic practice. A schedule, in relation to Psionics, can be defined as a concrete way of practicing that you set up for yourself. This does not mean using concrete times. When using concrete times, you may find that you missed said time because of unexpected events, or you have that paper for school that is not yet completed. A bad example of setting up a schedule is “I will practice Psionics starting tomorrow for one full hour, with breaks in between”. Why is this bad? First of all, tomorrow never comes. You get to tomorrow, and then you most likely will end up not practicing, and moving the start of practice until the next available day. Another reason this is a bad way of scheduling, is because you never mention HOW you will go about practicing for that day. Its best to break down what you want to do in mini steps that make it easier to accomplish your goal. An example of doing this is:

Goal: I wish to practice (insert branch of Psionics here) for one hour today.

How to Maintain a Schedule

1. I will occupy my siblings/children at this current time with another activity so that I may practice in peace.

2. I will finish my balancing my checkbook/doing my homework now, so that I may practice when the time comes.

3. I will not get on IRC chat or Instant Messenger so that I practice Psionics as much as I need to.

4. I will turn off my computer so I do not get on chat or the Internet anyway.

This is just one example of being able to set a goal and schedule for Psionic practice, and in a way to easily be able to maintain it. This way of practicing is easier because you are preparing steps so that you may use said steps to accomplish said goals with ease, instead of just trying to practice while someone is messaging you, telling you to do chores or have that ten page report due tomorrow.


How You May Benefit From Practicing on a Daily Schedule

Like most other skills, Psionics has a bit of a learning curve before you actually get going. Practicing on a daily schedule will assure that you get past that learning curve a bit faster that what you probably would without one. Once you get going, it is easier to maintain a practice schedule, and you may even have fun doing so. Maintaining a practice schedule is beneficial if you are stuck on that psiwheel, or you do not quite have that skill/technique nailed down that you so desire to succeed with.


Maintaining a schedule is not only an important aspect of practice, but it is probably THE most important aspect in maintaining a schedule with your desired skill. Breaking up your goal in “mini-steps” makes it easier to accomplish your main goal because you may see the goal as smaller, easier to accomplish tasks. When practice and a solid schedule is maintained, it is much easier to accomplish your Psionic goal of choice. You may have all of the intention in the world, but without actually sitting down to accomplish your goals, you may never quite get to that point you so desire.

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