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Symbols that mean certain things are fundamental to success in psionics.   This is fundamental material for making sense of many of the methods of Psionics.

Energy Work

What is energy?  “Energy”  (or psi) is a word we use to mean the stuff that makes psionics work.  The term “energy” is pseudo-scientific at best.  A lot of us don’t actually think we’re talking about the energy as discussed in your physics class.  We just use the words “psi” and “energy” to tell each other about our experiences in a common language.

Much like mathematics has been created as a framework for understanding and using physical processes as a tool, we use the understanding we do have in psi(the “stuff” that makes psionics work) to formulate frameworks to sufficiently help explain phenomena we do not yet fully understand ( we do not yet formally understand how Psionics works).  These symbolic frameworks are useful in understanding how to do psi, and understanding the way in which we have observed it working.  Thus, when we say things like “energy”, most of us agree that we aren’t actually talking about “energy” in the physical sense(i.e. kinetic, potential, spring, etc).  What is energy? Energy is just a word we use to describe a mechanism for a process that occurs psychically.


Building Your Own Symbol Set

Your goal when creating psychic techniques is to create a symbol (or symbols) which effectively communicate your intention.    You will work to build your own understanding of what common tasks within psionics “mean to you”.  Most psionics tasks involve conveying an intention to an object or situation. You need to decide what this means.


Decide what “Conveying an Intention to an Object” Means

Sit in a quiet room and meditate for a period of about 15 minutes on what is required(in your mind) to convey an intention to an object.  People have been known to effectively be able to convey an intention using thought or action(such as arts, plays, or listening to certain music). This is expanded upon further in the psionics introductory guide.  When you are finished with the exercise, carefully note all of the thoughts and considerations in your journal.  If you don’t have any thoughts or considerations, keep trying the exercise for a few days.  What you want here is a laundry list of items.


Decide what “Conveying an Intention Concerning a Situation” Means

Sit in a quiet room and meditate for a period of about 15 minutes about what is required to convey an intention concerning the outcome of a situation.  Remember from the psionics introduction guide that this is possible in many ways (using certain thoughts, or actions such as arts or plays).  When you have completed this exercise, note all details of your experience carefully in your journal.  Like exercise #1, what you want here is a laundry list of items.


The purpose of this exercise is to help you build up your own  effective symbolic system for the purpose of practicing psionics.  You will strengthen the symbols as mentioned in your laundry list of items from exercises #1 and #2 through the use of meditation techniques.

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  • alt_example

    Panayiotis Argyridis August 1, 2014 at 7:46 am - Reply

    By conveying an intention as mental practice, is it as also possible for me lets say to concentrate on a clock and send my mind intention to shift the time?

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