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The very act of engaging in the process of doing something is putting “energy” towards that specific thing.  For example, you can choose to create a piece of art that represents what you wish to happen.  The important take-away here is that by doing something relating to your intention, you are putting energy into it. This can act as an effective psychic technique for achieving your goals

Physical Devices

Note that you don’t even really need to create an abstract image mentally at all.  You may choose instead to create visual, physical implements to describe the result you seek.   Within the field of Psionics, doing research on radionics could be beneficial.   It is known that applying the same focusing directive (often coupled with your intent) as with creating an abstract image, also tends to work here.  You probably want to research the work of Uncle Chuckie if you are interested in this.


This is an example radionics device (used for psychic work). This image is provided courtesy of Eliyahu747.  This image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attributions-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.



A tape recorder is really beneficial for as a psychic technique.  If you want to practice maintaining a link with a person, you (with permission of course) are able to do so using a voice recording. A voice recording creates a very effective link between two people. Additionally, editing this sound recording to say what you want it to say could also be beneficial in creating a desired symbol.  An additional thing to try is using a recording that reminds you of a person as a symbol.

Skits / Plays

The core concept here is actually being the change you want to see.    Engage in an act that represents what you want, using a script.  Devise physical symbols or objects which represent each aspect of your ideal outcome.  Use your creativity.


You may choose or create a movie which represents your reality as it currently exists (that is, the thing or event you want to change).    You can proceed to spend time and exert energy into editing the parts of the movie clip out that you wish to remove from your life. Further, you can add scenes to your liking.  Placing it on a site such as Youtube where people can exert energy viewing it can also be beneficial.

Public Art / Graffiti

Please abide by all local laws when considering these types of psychic technique designs.  The act of creating an art representing your intention where you exert considerable energy doing so can be effective.  Particularly, try placing your art in a public place where you know people are going to view it.  The act of other people exerting energy viewing it can be effective.

Example: Grant Morrison & his Comic, “The Invisibles”. Grant Morrison discusses his comic, as well as how it applies to principles listed here. This speech occurred at the Disinformation event, hosted by The Disinformation Company.


Using Action as a Form of Energy Working

Think of something that you want.  An example here would be “I am going to get an A on this exam”. Create or obtain objects that represent concepts affiliated with what you want.  In this example, creating or obtaining objects that represent the following might be a good idea:

– The teacher
– Your exam
–  Material on the exam

After you are done creating or obtaining objects, you should affirm and take on a belief structure that states that the symbols you have chosen represent what you want them to represent.

Next, you want to act out the occurring of the desired outcome.  For this example, acting out taking the exam and getting an A is optimal using the materials representing the outcome (the representation of the teacher, the representation of your exam, the representation of the material on the exam).

Like always, practice this for a few weeks and note the results and outcomes in your journal. Be very sure to write down the actual details of what you did for future reference.

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