Welcome to Psionics Online, where you can learn energy manipulation, telekinesis, remote viewing, telepathy, and other psychic abilities.  Here are a few useful resources to help you get started:

Get Started with Psychic Abilities


Beginners Training

This is a crash course that teaches you the basics of what you can expect from practicing psychic abilities.

Thought Control

A key skill in learning to manipulate your environment through psychic means is being able to control and focus your thoughts.

Visualization Training

Some psionics skills and methods require the ability to maintain a visualization in your mind for a length of time.

Creating Psychic Methods

How to create your own methods to manipulate your environment through psychic means.


Moving Objects

Learn what is realistic, how to spin balanced paper using telekinesis, move soda cans, spoon bend, and slide pens and pencils.

Manipulating Chance

Manipulate chance by applying your micro-psychokinesis abilities, through the use of random number generators and playing cards.


Always engage in treatment from a licensed medical professional. This section is for informational purposes only.

Energy Manipulation

Construct Creation

Learn how to create constructs and thoughtforms which can be programmed to fulfill psychic tasks on behalf of the creator.

Energetic Programming

Learn how to make psiballs and constructs perform useful (and not so useful) tasks.

Field Management

This section has methods you can use in order to keep your energetic field clean.

Advanced Energetics

Learn how to create psionic modifications to your energy body, create overlays, bind constructs to objects, and create physically visible subtle energy.

Extra Sensory Perception

Extra-Sensory Perception Methods

Learn how to do remote viewing, telepathy, scanning, precognition, empathy, pendling, and remote touch.

Mind / Body

Mind / Body Methods

The mind /body section includes training techniques relating to altering your consciousness state. This includes out of body experiences, astral project, meditation, and lucid dreaming.


Other Psychic Articles

Learn about radionics, triggers, parapsychology, anchors, and view our book reviews.